How To Stay Warm And Healthy During The Winter Season.

How To Stay Warm And Healthy During The Winter Season.

Home Solutions and Remedies.

This past few days have been beautiful outside with a high of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

I was so excited! It seemed that the winter is saying good-bye… I guess I was wrong.

I woke up this morning to a freezing cold house.

This morning was below 37 degrees and rainy. I had turned off the heat last week because it was too warm in the house, and I guess that I forgot to put it back on “Automatic Mode”.

The winter in Maryland this year, hasn’t been as bad as previous years. But it seems that more and more people are getting the flu this season. I decided not to get the flu shot this year and try to keep my body as healthy as possible with home-remedies and solutions.

So I came up with a few important solutions to stay healthy this winter, and the last one I call
“Miracle Medicine”.

Home Remedies

  1. Stay warm and always layer-up; that means, hat, scarf and gloves when going outdoors.
  2. Grab a warm drink when going out and drink a lot of Ginger tea and water.
  3. Move around to create heat- try not sitting or standing in one place.
  4. Take a warm bath/shower- you will feel much better.
  5. Eat soup- veggie soup is the best.

Home Solutions

  1. Insulate your home! You might want to switch out your insulation in the walls and ceilings, but you can also do basic things, such as putting up thick window curtains.
  2. Close unused rooms and focus on heating once central room, such as the living room. You can also turn on the fireplace.
  3. Seal gaps in doorways and windows that let the cold air in.
  4. Keep your heat on- you don’t want your unit to freeze.

And now for my “Miracle Medicine” secret…

If you are feeling a little under- the-weather or feel like you are coming down with a cold, place a half of an onion next to your bed over-night, you will wake up BRAND NEW. Your room might smell for a couple of days, but it is worth it! Trust me.

So Stay warm and Healthy this season.