Are you considering an upgrade to your current roof?

The time has come for a new roof and there is a decision that needs to be made whether to tear it all off and replace it or add a new roofing over the existing material (see Pros and Cons below).

Did you know that roofs can last up to 30 years? Choosing the right roof material is very important. How well the material holds up depends on the types of shingles and the region where you live; some materials are better for different regions of the country while others are not.

There are different types of roofing materials and choosing the right one based on durability, climate and budget is very important. Each material has a different type of patterns, textures and colors. Roof shingles are extremely durable and consist of individual overlapping elements. There are various materials such as wood, slate, flagstone, metal, plastic and asphalt. Roof shingles are almost always very visible and are an important aspect in the building’s aesthetics.

When inspecting a roof, look for signs of aging, such as cracks or tears, curling of the edges of the shingles, or most common, leakage in the house.

Once the roof has been inspected, we can start discussing the different possibilities; either replacing the old roof with a new one or covering over the existing material.

The Pros and Cons:

Re-roofing: This process involves installing new shingles over the existing ones.

                Pros:  Less expensive, less labor, less mess, less time consuming

                Cons: There is no visual inspection to determine issues under the shingles, no opportunity to replace skylight flashing or roof to wall flashing.

Although, a re-roof can be less expensive, in the long run it may cost you more money due to unseen underlying problems. Have it done right from start to finish!

Tear-off: This process involves the complete removal of existing shingles.

Pros: Provides access to the critical components of the roof, wood deck can be inspected and replaced if necessary, new underlay can be installed, other components can be easily replaced to protect against ice damming.

                Cons: More expensive, increased labor, bigger mess and clean up, takes longer to complete.

Tear-offs are the most common and most recommended. We can see problems before they arise.

Consult with USA SERVICES LLC contractor to recommend the best path for you.

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