Which Paint Should I Use For My Home?

The pros and cons to consider of Behr and Sherwin Williams paints.

Throughout our construction career, we have painted plenty of times and have used multiple paint brands such as Behr and Sherwin Williams. We use Sherwin Williams for most of our projects. Sometimes, when we would come to a customer, they already have a paint they chose from the Home Depot, and the brand is usually Behr.

Both Behr and Sherwin Williams are great paints. We will discuss the pros and cons of each below. But first, let us give you some information on both.

Let’s start with Behr. Behr is a lot cheaper than Sherwin Williams. Its top paint, Marquee is about $42 per gallon. You can buy a gallon of the less expensive wall paint for $26 in flat finish.

On the other hand, Sherwin Williams is very expensive at full price for a homeowner looking to paint their home. Even some of their “low” quality items can be expensive. Top paints range from $60 to $80 per gallon.

The pros and cons

Behr Paint

Behr paint is mostly used by homeowners. It is cheaper and easier to get. As a homeowner, you run to the Home Depot and grab whichever color you like. Home Depot employees can help you with the choices and finishes.

Though it is cheaper, Behr paint will not give you a good coverage like the premium paint. The paint is thin in consistency, which means more paint co

ats, more gallons, more dipping the roller or brush, and longer time spent working. When hiring a contractor, you do not want to give them Behr paint, as it would take them double the time it would with Sherwin Williams paint, and that means more hours worked in your home.

Sherwin Williams Paint

Sherwin Williams is very expensive at a full price. It is mostly used by contractors, who usually get it at a great discount because they buy so often from them… which means discount for the homeowner as well.

With Sherwin Williams paint, you will most likely need to paint one coat, because their paint is not thin like Behr’s. The durability of the paint is great and usually lasts longer. It performs well with brushing and rolling. But, if you need a touchup or want to re-paint, you will need more gallons, which could get pricey.

In conclusion, we love to use Sherwin Williams for our clients, it is durable, performs very well and the time spent painting is much shorter. Yes, it is more expensive, but hey we get a discount, so we got you covered (pun intended).

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